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Platform Specialty Products Corporation Announces Preliminary Third Quarter Financial Results Record Q3 Adjusted Ebitda - Yahoo Finance

CRS Announces Harley Giveaway for 2014 NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention

Participants on the call will include Daniel H. Leever, Chief Executive Officer and Frank J. Monteiro, Chief Financial Officer. The call will be simultaneously webcast at www.platformspecialtyproducts.com . A replay of the call and webcast will be available for three weeks shortly after completion of the live call at www.platformspecialtyproducts.com . To listen to this call by telephone, please dial (855) 357-3116 (domestic) or (484) 365-2867 (international) and provide the Conference ID: 17590151. The call will be simultaneously webcast at www.platformspecialtyproducts.com . About Platform Platform is a global producer of high-technology specialty chemicals and provider of technical services. The business involves the manufacture of a broad range of specialty chemicals, created by blending raw materials, and the incorporation of these chemicals into multi-step technological processes. These specialty chemicals and processes are sold into multiple industries including agricultural, electronics, graphic arts, metal and plastic plating, and offshore oil production and drilling. More on Platform is available at www.platformspecialtyproducts.com .

This drawing has become a CRS and NBAA tradition and we are proud to be able to hold our special drawing again this year: says Armando Leighton CEO of CRS Jet Spares. We look forward to the gathering of old and new this year in Orlando. CRS would like to invite all corporate operators, jet owners and maintenance departments attending this years annual meeting and convention in Orlando, FL to participate in this exciting giveaway! The drawing will take place at the CRS Booth #1426, on Wednesday, October 22nd at 3:30 pm. For more information on CRS Jet Spares 2014 NBAA Harley Giveaway, please call 954-972-2807 or visit us at www.crsjetspares.com CRS Jet Spares: CRS Jet Spares is the premier aftermarket support facility in the business jet community. We supply total solutions to operators around the world through exchanges, sales, provisioning packages, repairs or rental options. CRS Jet Spares has a program to meet all requirements. We support Astra, Learjets, Hawkers, Gulfstreams, Global Express, Beechjets, Falcons and Challengers through a comprehensive inventory, coupled with over 30 years of experience. CRS provides services which conform to AS9120 Quality standards, offering quality, competitive pricing and renowned customer service. CRS is available 24/7 to keep your business jet up and flying. Continue Reading

Krugman Sees 37' - We Raise him 9

Although latent - hence the large expectation gap, the Treasury market has now caught up to expectations, as the calls for further tightening have finally been recognized as greatly misplaced. We have argued over the past year, that for all intents and purposes, the Fed has been tightening since they first brought up the taper in May 2013. At its most basic function, quantitative easing is enacted to instill expectations - beyond were conventional policy tools could apply. When the Fed began their fireside taper-talks in May 2013, they tightened in effect through a pivot in expectations. Considering the move in yields that followed, this was largely confirmed by the market - and why we have contrasted the trend in 10-year yields throughout this year with the arc of the unexpected rate tightening cycle that began in February 1994. Building on the tenor of last weeks note , the similarities still resonate of a cyclical top in the US equity markets, reminiscentof the last time the government conspicuouslysupported the markets in like proportions through large-scale assetpurchases. Not surprisingly, the 1940's were also a time period in which participants remained shell-shocked from the 1930's and maneuvered between the equity and Treasury markets, as if another depressionary and deflationary wave would unfurl when the Fed and Treasury stepped aside. When theyfinallydid in 1946, the self-fulfilling prophesy manifested in a swift 30 percent revaluation in equities - while participants panicked and hunkered down in Treasuries expecting another chapter of the Great Depression to unfold. Sound familiar? Krugman apparently thinks so too . As the Fed looks to wind down QE later this month and with the equity markets coming under pressure once again, the natural comparative reaction is to assume the Fed willcow-towto market pressures, as they have before; or in absence of that support - assume the worst and a downturn on par with the two previous bear markets (2007 and 2000), or as Krugman fears - a 1937-esque collapse.

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