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Ratings - Live + 7: Nbc Equals Its Top-rated Premiere Week In Seven Years | Thefutoncritic.com

[via press release from NBC] L+7: NBC EQUALS ITS TOP-RATED PREMIERE WEEK IN SEVEN YEARS NBC MATCHES THE BIGGEST PREMIERE-WEEK WINNING MARGIN FOR ANY NETWORK IN 11 YEARS NBC DELIVERS ITS MOST-WATCHED PREMIERE WEEK IN 11 YEARS In newly released "live plus seven day" results for premiere week of the 2014-15 primetime television season, Sept. 22-28, NBC has equaled its adult 18-49 rating of one year ago, a 3.7, to match the network's highest premiere-week rating in seven years. The 3.7 gives NBC a premiere-week margin of victory over #2 CBS (3.1) of 0.6 of a rating point, tying last year's margin as the biggest premiere-week win in 11 years for any network. In total viewers, NBC's premiere-week L+7 average of 12.1 million persons ranks #2 and is up +6% versus the same week last year (11.4 million), making this NBC's most-watched premiere week in 11 years. The last time NBC rated higher during a premiere week in adults 18-49 was in 2007 (4.2) and the last time its opening-week total-viewer result was higher was 2003 (12.6 million). The last time any network won a premiere week in 18-49 by more than 0.6 of a rating point was 2003, when NBC led CBS by 1.0 of a point (5.1 vs. 4.1). NBC's primetime schedule gained 0.7 of a point in 18-49 and 1.9 million viewers overall going from earlier L+SD results to L+7 averages (which include all time-shifted viewing measured within a week of a show's live telecast). In L+SD, NBC finished down one-tenth of a point versus its year-ago 18-49 rating while in L+7, NBC equaled its year-ago result. NBC's "Sunday Night Football" remained the #1 primetime telecast on the Big 4 networks in adult 18-49 L+7 results with an 8.9 rating. Joining "Sunday Night Football" among premiere week's top 30 primetime shows on the Big 4 in L+7 adult 18-49 results were Monday's "The Blacklist" (tied for #9, 5.5), Monday's "The Voice" (#11, 5.4), Tuesday's "The Voice" (#12, 5.3), Tuesday's "Chicago Fire" (tied for #19, 3.7), Wednesday's "Law & Order: SVU" (tied for #25, 3.4) and Wednesday's "Chicago P.D." (tied for #28, 3.1). L+7 PREMIERE WEEK RESULTS Adults 18-49, L+7 most recent ratings | view all posts [10/13/14 - 01:30 PM] AMC spins the numbers for Sunday, October 12. [10/13/14 - 12:00 PM] NBC further spins the numbers for the week of September 22-28. [10/13/14 - 11:38 AM] CBS further spins the numbers for the week of September 22-28. [10/13/14 - 10:30 AM] FX spins the numbers for Wednesday, October 8. [10/13/14 - 08:46 AM] Plus: FOX's comedy lineup gets a boost thanks to a dose of NFL overrun in primetime. [10/13/14 - 08:33 AM] ABC spins the numbers for Sunday, October 12. [10/13/14 - 08:21 AM] NBC spins the numbers for Sunday, October 12. [10/12/14 - 02:08 PM] FOX Sports spins the numbers for Saturday, October 11.

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