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Stock Market News For October 02, 2014 - Yahoo Finance

Our Complete Guide to the October 8th ?Hunter?s Moon? Total Lunar Eclipse

2344 eclipse Intel Corporation ( INTC ) declined the most among the Dow components. Internet names such as Pandora Media, Inc. ( P ), Facebook, Inc. ( FB ) and Twitter, Inc. ( TWTR ) declined 3.9%, 3.2% and 2.9%, respectively. Bio-tech names such as Gilead Sciences Inc. ( GILD ), Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated ( VRTX ) Amgen Inc. ( AMGN ), Biogen Idec Inc. ( BIIB ), Celgene Corporation ( CELG ) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ( REGN ) decreased 0.8%, 4.5%, 1.2%, 2.2%, 1.4% and 1.4%, respectively. The Russell 2000 Index of small-cap stocks entered correction level. The index dropped 1.5% to 1,085.41 at 4 p.m.

Timings for key phases of the eclipse are as follows: P1- Penumbral phase begins: 8:14 UT/4:14 EDT/1:14 PDT U1- Umbral (partial) phase begins: 9:15 UT/5:14 EDT/2:14 PDT U2- Totality begins: 10:24 UT/6:24 EDT/3:24 PDT Mid-totality- 10:55 UT/6:55 EDT/3:55 PDT U3- Totality ends: 11:25 UT/7:25 EDT/4:25 PDT U4- Umbral phase ends: 12:35 UT/5:35 PDT P4- Penumbral phase ends: 13:35/6:35 PDT Not all total lunar eclipses are the same when it comes to color. Totality can appear anywhere from a dark brick color, as happened during the December 9th, 1992, eclipse followingthe eruption of Mount Pinatubo, when the Moon nearly disappeared during totality, to a bright coppery red, as seen during the April eclipse earlier this year. The Moon passes to the north of the dark central core of the Earth shadow next Wednesday, so expect a brighter than normal eclipse, especially along the Moons northeast limb. Grab a painters wheel and compare the eclipsed Moon to swatches of orange through red: what colors do you see? What youre seeing is the combinations of all the worlds sunsets refracted into the cone of the Earths shadow, which is about three times the size of the Moon at its average distance as seen from Earth. Remember, the Moon is experiencing a total solar eclipse as we watch the lunar eclipse unfold! The October 8th total solar eclipse as seen from the Apollo 11 landing site on the nearside of the Moon. Created using Stellarium. This color can be quantified and described on what is known as the Danjon Scale , with 0 being a very dark eclipse with the Moon barely visible, to a 4, meaning a very bright eclipse. And yes, each total lunar eclipse is now receiving the Blood Moon meme thanks to ye ole Internet. Expect the conspiracy-minded to note that this eclipse occurs on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot starting at sundown on the 8th, which isnt really all that wondrous as the Jewish calendar is a luni-solar one, and total lunar eclipses have to occur during a Full Moon by definition. Wait long enough, and an occasional Sukkot total lunar eclipse does indeed occur. The footprint of the October 8th occultation of Uranus by the Moon during totality. (Credit: Occult 4.1.0). But a truly rare event does occur during this eclipse, as the Moon actually occults (passes in front of) the planet Uranus during totality for observers in northern Alaska and northeast Asia. The rest of us in the observing zone will see a near miss. Can you spy Uranus with binoculars near the lunar limb during totality? Another such rarity occurred during Shakespeares time on December 30th, 1591, involving Saturn and the eclipsed Moon, and another such odd occurrence transpires in 2344 A.D. The circumstances of the 2344 eclipse/occultation. Credit: Starry Night, NASA/GSFC & Occult 4.0.1.

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