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The Bears Den: September 18, 2014 - Chicago Bears Week 3 News And Notes - Yahoo Sports

New Daytona budget gets approval | News-JournalOnline.com

In the meantime, his focus will transition to helping the Bears in any capacity. Tillmans injury could mean the end of his Bears career again - Patrick Finley: Charles Tillman sounded much the same as he did last year, encouraged by his own play but unsure about his future with the team. [Video] - Lance Briggs, Rashied David on Charles Tillmans' leadership and options going forward. Bears want Willie Young to go fishin more often - Moon Mullin: Willie Young doesnt have a sack dance. He does, however, take advantage of sacks to work on his casting techniques casting, as in fishing. And techniques, plural.

While the budget city commissioners approved holds down property taxes, there will still be $800,000 for 10 new police officers, roughly $700,000 for the city employee raises and thousands more for new police and fire vehicles that will be leased. To have more predictable and steady funding requirements, the budget includes $120,000 for the first-year lease of a fire engine and fire pumper, and $100,000 to both buy and lease police vehicles. Also included is a $225,000 expenditure for a new sound system at Peabody Auditorium, which could be covered by a grant, and $200,000 for a proposed homeless assistance complex. City Manager Jim Chisholm had said hed try to find about $500,000 to pay off the debt on the city-owned tennis center off LPGA Boulevard. But City Commissioner Rob Gilliland said it turns out the city would face a prepayment penalty if it did that, and the money would sit in escrow and not earn interest, so commissioners lost interest in the idea.

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