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Podcast Roundup (sept. 13, 2014): Vince Russo, Ddp, Brie Bella, More! - Yahoo Sports

From tragedy to triumph, Kamala talks about first being discover by a wrestling promoter while picking fruit, how he got his name and gimmick and the end of his career after having both legs amputated due to complications from diabetes. Tuesday September 9, 2014 The Steve Austin Show (Clean) - Pro-Wrestler Ric Drasin He's a retired pro-wrestler with 37-years in the squared-circle & WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young to thank for it all! That's right, Ric Drasin was trained by Mae Young back in 1965. Did he get a lot of grief for being trained by a female wrestler back in the day? And what was it like working out & hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger? And how on earth did Ric come up with the logos for both Gold's Gym AND World Gym? Plus, did he ever do steroids or other PEDs? They were legal back then!! Ric answers all those questions and more...

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